“Monotone Co-Design Problems: or, everything is the same”.

This paper is currently the best reference:

Andrea Censi. A mathematical theory of co-design. Technical Report, Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems, MIT, September 2016. pdf supp. materialbibtex

This paper introduces a theory of co-design that describes "design problems", defined as tuples of "functionality space", "implementation space", and "resources space", together with a feasibility relation that relates the three spaces. Design problems can be interconnected together to create "co-design problems", which describe possibly recursive co-design constraints among subsystems.


This is a rather technical paper with more examples and the description of the certainty handling mechanism currently implemented:

Andrea Censi. Uncertainty in monotone co-design problems. Robotics and Automation Letters, 2017. pdf supp. materialbibtex

This paper concerns the introduction of uncertainty in the MCDP framework. Uncertainty has two roles: first, it allows to deal with limited knowledge in the models; second, it also can be used to generate consistent relaxations of a problem, as the computation requirements can be lowered should the user accept some uncertainty in the answer.